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Thayer Mansion ~ Skaneateles NY ~ Historic
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Image by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo – 54M View – Thank You
Joel Thayer arrived in the Village of Skaneateles in 1835. His home at 77 E. Genesee Street was a showplace and still stands. Thayer acquired the house in 1862, adding a mansard roof and iron work, as well as an apiary, solarium and formal gardens. ~~~~ Now A condo ~ Unit #3 is located on the second floor of main house overlooking the Lake and offers 2 full baths with custom vanities, 2 bedrooms, over 1800 sf of spacious sunny living, dining kitchen areas, den, 2 car garage is located in north end of the carriage house. Asking 0.000 ~ Taxes 00.
.5 million historic restoration project resulting in six luxury condominiums on the tip of Skaneateles Lake. The original home, built in 1829, was completely restored in 2005.
Skaneateles Historic District
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