Building a Garden Storage Chest Box | The Carpenter’s Daughter

I’ve always wanted to make my own shed, but as I’ve never done it before, I decided to start small by replacing our broken plastic garden chest.

This time, I worked it out as I went along and made it at home instead of my Dad’s woodyard. By doing this, I made a handful of mistakes, but I learnt new things from them, so here’s how I got on.

I was also able to speed up the build thanks to Evolution kindly gifting me a mitre saw and stand. *This is NOT sponsored in any way.

Also, if you ever get stuck, then you might like to join the Woodworking UK facebook group!

Things I used:
tanalised timber
featheredge boards
OSB for flooring
Green felt
wood stain
Ronseal wood preserve
13mm clout nails
countersink bit
drill bits
hammer & nails
Evolution Mitre Saw
Evolution stand
Dickies Fogbuster Goggles (*GIFTED)
Ear defenders:
Combi drill:
Hand saw:


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  • The Carpenter's Daughter 1 week ago

    Thanks so much to everyone for watching again.
    Also, this is the last week to vote for me to win a blogging award, so if you like what I do, then all you need to do is select:
    -Section 4 Tastefully Vikkie (my food blog) &
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    Here's the voting form & thank you so much!

  • Vikki Riddle-cox 1 week ago

    Very nice. Think I'll go take a safety class on using table saws. Can't finish most of my projects without one…so appreciate ur videos n keep on dancing!

  • 11swallowedinthesea 1 week ago

    You and April Wilkerson are the Queens of Carpentry!

  • Andrew Davies 1 week ago

    Have you ever built a shed? That would make a good video

  • Christopher Prowse 1 week ago

    Love your video's great work! I think its time for a shop 🙂

  • mark paterson 1 week ago

    Get yourself a brad nailer, much easier. Good looking storage box though. 👍

  • Paul Kinsella 1 week ago

    Great storage box 😁

  • skittles6699 1 week ago

    That box will last long long longger then that Plastic one. Great work, an say Hi , to Dad an Doggyy , Love your Videos. Your dad has done a Great job teach you.

  • Strawbyte Workshop 1 week ago

    Great project which looks really good. Thanks for the name-check. Karl.

  • Keith Barratt 1 week ago

    Hi Vikkl, love your videos, very informative.Triton do an excellent pocket hole jig and if you look carefully on eBay you will get one for about £54 + postage new.

  • almagill 1 week ago

    That came together right nice!

    BTW, pop in tothe Wood Club UK facebook group. Pretty decent shower of folk, all different skill levels and backgrounds, so it's a good place to get answers, tips, etc

  • Ian 1 week ago

    I'm going to make a storage box like this, but it's an industrial crate at the moment. I want to make the lid out of sanded and treated pallet boards. I want the lid to be waterproof so will need to use some sort of sealent between the board. Any ideas what's best? Maybe just clear silicone?

  • Michael Evans 1 week ago

    Little tip make a L shaped corners and fix on after you have finished all the cladding ,that way you will not see ends of the cladding.

  • J K 1 week ago

    “Spacing jig off Colin furze” 😂 gotta love mr furze

  • John Elliott 1 week ago

    Nice Wooden Chest box. Hans is good job for camera-dog. : )

  • anonymous 1 week ago

    Good job Vikkie 👩 and Hans 🐕

  • michael adams 1 week ago

    it is hans approved. awesome.

  • Split10 1 week ago

    Good job!
    Nice to hear you mention the idea you got from Colin Furze….I thought his shed build was excellent.

  • Cucumber Man 1 week ago


  • bob smith 1 week ago

    Always enjoy your videos. One bit of advice from an American slow your speech down a little when doing the narration its hard for us to understand with your accent, or proper English as you Brits like to say. Have a great week.


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