Ralfonso Kinetic Art Exhibition at Atlanta Botanical Garden ’08

Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden 2008. Moved (literally) by the power of the elements, more than 25 kinetic sculptures from 16 different artists will be on display beginning May 3rd through October 31st Each piece moves and shifts as a result of natural forces—air currents, water, solar power, sound waves, liquid magnetics or human energy—forming endless compositions that change over time in perfect harmony with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The important 2008 exhibition of kinetic fine art is the most extensive survey of kinetic sculpture ever held, and includes prominenent kinetic sculptors working today in the U.S., Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Ralfonso exhibited a 3m (10ft) DANCE WITH THE WIND sculpture. This sculpture design was permanently installed in 10m (33ft) for the Beijing Olympics between the “Birds Nest” and the “Ice Cube” Swimming Center. For more info please see www.ralfonso.com
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