Fall Planting: Mums, Perennials, Trees and Shurbs, It’s The Perfect Time To Plant

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Fall is a great time to plant. You might hear that line a lot this time of the year as the ground is still warm and there’s still adequate light to get trees shrubs and even perennials established for the following year.

Mums and other perennials
One of the most ubiquitous plants for fall are the chrysanthemums also known as moms. These plants come in a wide variety of colors and textures and add an instant pop of color to a garden which may be tired from a lot of Summer growth. I end up putting mums in containers and also in other spots around the garden which need a bit of a pick-me-up. When I purchase mom’s I look for those which have tight buds because they will tend to open overtime. If you need instant color than obviously by the plants that are already open but they will tend to pass earlier.

Montauk daisies or another great plant for fall. You should cut these back each year until late June this will keep them low and tight when they bloom in September and October. Asters are another one of those plants which will come back year after year and do benefit from being cut back at least once in the mid spring .

Other perennials can be purchased this time of the year as well as trees and shrubs. Be sure you have adequate space for all of these as they will tend to grow over time. Once a plant has been in the ground for three seasons it tends to really expand rapidly so leave yourself adequate room between your plants as well as any windows and other parts of the building.

Even though it ‘s cooler, water your newly planted material if Mother Nature isn’t providing regular rainfall. A fall planted plant without water won’t establish enough roots to make it through the winter.

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