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In this Video. I started the Hindi Vlog from the parking lot outside, The Home Depot Garden Center. I talked about where the garden department is located at the home depot. I walked around the hardware store for a bit as I wanted to buy some things before heading to the door leading to where the water hose, sprinklers, outdoor faucets were located. I showed where the fertilizer was at before showing the pots to put the plants into. Then I showed the decorative stones of which one was a brand called, Vigor. I talked about the different type or colors of the mulch and showed the pricing for it. I also showed the decorative stones and it’s cost. The were many plants there so I proceeded towards them showing the price of the annual plants and the knockout roses. There were so many to choose from. I was also able to locate the Lemon, Citrus and the Mango plants. I found some outdoor chairs and then I finally showed the setup at the homedepot garden center. I paid for the items I had bout and walked outside where I talked about the cost of SOD and it’s purpose. I also showed the few sheds which were outside in the parking lot. I personally like the home depot gardening department or center over the walmart garden center. As the hardware items and tools are located at the same spot. I am one of the Indian Vloggers In USA. I make Hindi Vlogs. And I go by the Channel name This Indian.

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