How to Build a Wooden Gate with Horizontal Slats

In this video I take you through the gate building process!

We have spent a bit of time on this job. Building a deck with over 2000 screws and we closed it all in with a horizontal slat fence.
Now for the final job! – building a wooden gate to secure the new outdoor area. Timber gates can have a hard time in the elements so it is important to brace the gate correctly and use joinery where possible. Joinery and correct fixings is the key to building a wooden gate that will not sag.

The lock for the gate works really well. You can push the button to release the latch and it allows the gate to be lockable from both sides, with a key.
Here is a video of the particular product I used
(I paid about 0 NZD)

Music by Joakim Karud