Kokernag Botanical Garden

Kokernag Botanical garden is known for its gardens, fresh water springs and rainbow trout farms. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from the state capital Srinagar.
Kokernag is known also as Breng Kokernag, the name given by Shiekh ul Alam, poet and scholar. He said “kokernag breng chu sunsund preng” which means that”kekernag is Golden crown of kashmir”means a precious thing. Kokernag is also mentioned in Ain Akbari, where in it has been mentioned that the water of Kokernag satisfies both hunger and thirst and it is also a remedy for indigestion.
The moment you enter the green valley of Kokernag, you are welcomed by the cool and fragrant air of the mountains, an air that brings with it the perfume of the blossoming flowers which you see all around this picturesque vale.

Best time to Visit: April-October
Entry Time: 9:00 AM
Cost: ₹ 20
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/dskmZH1XYWN2

Music by Derek & Brandon Fiechter
Track: Fantasy Music – Ice Kitsune (animated)

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