How to Write a Novel: Plot Gardening With Chris Fox

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Craft is the heart of the writing life, and in today’s show, I discuss Plot Gardening with Chris Fox, as well as some thoughts on how to build a career for the long-term.

Chris Fox is the bestselling author of science fiction and dark fantasy as well as nonfiction for authors including Write to Market, and Six-Figure Author. Today we’re discussing his book on craft, Plot Gardening: A Simple Guide to Outlining your Novel.

On the impetus to write a book about craft
On the development of writing craft over time
Using the gardening metaphor in relation to both storytelling and author backlists
Tips for writing conflict that is rooted in story and interesting to readers
On the different types of conflict that can add depth to a story
Thinking like a reader when you’re plotting
Balancing world-building with writing fast
On the recent changes in Amazon discoverability
Protecting our future as writers
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