China tech landscape is ‘very different’ to the US: GGV | East Tech West

Jixun Foo, managing partner at GGV, discusses the performance of Chinese stocks in the U.S. and what investors should look out for.

Blue Moss - Ambient Synth Landscape

Relaxing virtual-analog Synth Sound landscape.

Hello my Friends, today I have a treat for you. Maybe you didn’t know I also do music. Here is my latest Synth Jam for you. I might upload more once in a while. Write in the comments if you want to hear more of my sound 🙂

About my Music: I approach music in a way that uses sound as a landscape and music in a way that a painter would use a brush. That is why my music has mostly no repetition, beat or any care for the currently set BPM. I play the sounds when it feels right, not when a system tells me to. As a result my music is rather abstract and I love to create long tracks (around 15 minutes or more).

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