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Garden gnomes meaningGarden gnomes are found in millions of gardens around the Western world. Most people just keep them for decoration and make their garden a more enjoyable place.

The garden gnomes give the garden an element of surprise. Some are hilarious and sure to put you in a good mood.

Other gnomes make a statement about who lives in the home.

Yet others are just plain cute.

Garden Gnomes – Symbolism and Meaning

A gnome was thought to be a creature that safe guarded the treasures of the earth.

Garden gnomes are considered very good luck. These creatures also served to protect and were a symbol of fertility.

garden gnomeGnomes were considered spirits of the earth.

Garden gnomes are thought to protect your garden and your home at night when you are asleep.

Gnomes have extensive knowledge of stones, precious gems and minerals. It was believed in folklore that gnomes could make exquisite silverwork.