Apple Seed Germination Step By Step with Time Lapse

Apple Seed Germination Step By Step with Time Lapse. Growing apple tree seeds only takes a few days with this paper towel method to seed germination.

Learn How to grow apple trees from seeds is easy to do. Follow the instructions in the video.

Growing Apple Seeds Germination Step By Step Instructions
1. harvest the apple seeds
2. if your apple seeds have not gone in refrigerator for a couple weeks do that next. if so, skip to step 4
3. place apple seeds in a plastic bag and keep refrigerated for at least 2 weeks
4. keep the apple seeds in a plastic bag but first place them in a paper towel
5. wet the paper towel
6. do not soak the paper towel too much
7. place inside plastic bag and keep in a warm location
8. apple seeds will grow quickly germinating in just a few days
9. once germinated you can place the apple seeds individually in pots at any time
10. make sure the apple seedling roots get covered well

Apple tree seedling care
1. do not place the seedling in direct sunlight for 2 weeks
2. let the seedling adapt to the outdoors in partly shaded area
3. after 2 weeks of being outside in the elements the apple tree seedling can now be placed in direct sunlight
4. water daily as needed so the soil does not dry out

Apple Tree Pro Tips
1. Fruit may not grow for up to 5 years depending on growing conditions
2. Apples Trees grown from seed will not produce exactly the same fruit. It will be a hybrid.
3. The only way to get the same apple is by cloning. This can be done by grafting and rooting branches.

Paper Towel Method to Seed Germination Video:

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