How To Grow Chrysanthemums Fast | How To Care Chrysanthemums

How to grow chrysanthemum fast.Learn how to grow chrysanthemum fast on my
channel please follow the instructions given below.
1. Start your mum seeds indoors at least 6 weeks before the last frost.
2. Use potting soil or mix 4 parts of peat moss, 2 parts of perlite and 2 parts of vermiculite.
Fill a shallow seed tray 2/3 full with your soil mixture (you can also use individual peat cups, but mum seeds are very tiny and easier to sow in a tray.)
4. Moisten the soil until it is damp but not soggy; a spray bottle works best.
5. Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil so that they are evenly distributed.
6. Spray the seeds with a gentle, fine mist.
7. Cover your tray with clear plastic.
8. Transplant your mums when all danger of frost has passed.
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