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Come take a look at all of my houseplants & their current set up in my home! I have close to 200 plants & I thought it would be fun to give you a house plant update & show you my indoor plant collection as it currently stands. I go plant shopping at least once a week so I am sure plenty of new plant babies will be added to the plant fam here soon!

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DISCLAIMER! I am not sponsored by any brands listed below (although I wish I was :P) These are products I genuinely love & use in my own household. I do, however, get a small cut if purchased through the links I provided, but if you choose to purchase not through my links I totally understand. I would never recommend products I don’t genuinely love. Promise!

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Today I am talking about my favorite plants you probably won’t kill because I haven’t killed them aka plants for beginners.

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Burro’s Tail/Donkeys Tail
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Silver Pothos

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