Indoor Winter Garden 2013: Germinating Stevia / Hydroponic Stevia

I’ve spent most of my time the past few months working on a new “project” that you will see before the end of January. It’s complete and running through tests and going better than expected.

I’ve been growing stevia for about 3 years now and show the way I germinate it from seed since so many people have trouble with it. The best way is from cloning cuttings but this is just my experience from seed.

I’m testing radish in deep water culture to see what happens. My only concern at this point is that the leaves are top heavy and will lean the plants over. I just tried it because I wanted to see how it works without soil.

I tore apart my Aerogarden recently and making it better than when I bought it. By the way, there is nothing to the Areogarden gutts and they are making a killing. Video coming soon.
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