Tools I use in my succulent garden

Any job is easier with the right tools! Today I’m going to show you some inexpensive tools that are especially helpful when potting new succulent arrangements.

After watching, leave a comment below and tell me what succulent gardening tool you can’t live without, or wait to try!

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00:20 – The Mini Tool Kits
01:05 – The blower helps you blow dirt off your succulents after you’ve repotted them
01:28 – I use this scoop instead of a shovel in succulent gardening. It’s also great for top dressing
01:49 – Tweezers are handy for pulling out rocks from an arrangement, or reaching under a succulent to remove dead leaves
02:05 – I use this tiny scoop for soil and top dressing all the time
02:21 – The soft brush is great for brushing off leaves, dirt, or cobwebs
02:45 – The squeeze bottle is handy for watering succulents in a pot without drainage

=== You can watch the watering video by clicking here:

03:01 – I fill the spray bottle filled with isopropyl alcohol in case I have to deal with mealy bugs
03:25 – Funnels help place top dressing or soil when I can’t use the scoop
03:54 – My favorite tool!
04:21 – I use this odd tool as a cheap screen for drainage holes in my pots
04:47 – This chopstick is so handy when making arrangements or wreaths!

=== You can get the chopstick with each soil order at Bonsai Jack:

05:18 – A diamond drill bit allows you to create drainage holes in pots that don’t have them
06:05 – Pot toes are helpful outdoors when you want to keep the pot off the ground for better airflow

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