Growing Tomatoes Under a 45 Watt LED Grow Light Panel – 1

Growing Tomatoes Under a 45 Watt LED Grow Light Panel 1

This is a new series I’m doing. This is PART 1.
There will be a lot more videos just for these plants.

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Success! This was my first hydroponic tomato experience. I rescued these seedlings from the Aerogarden, the pods there germinated more than one plant per pod, so I decided to transplant the thinned out plants from the Aerogarden into the same setup I use for my hydroponic lettuce and other leafy greens, using the Kratky method. It worked! BUT, I did make one very rookie mistake, although I was still rewarded with a nice crop of cherry tomatoes for my efforts. And next time I will grow my hydroponic tomatoes in a BIGGER container!!! I hope you try this too! Thank you for watching.
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