Magnolia House, A Creepy Place in Garden Grove California

Music: 34 Ghosts IV by Nine Inch Nails
I love and hate this place. I have the love of land as people do after working and living on their spot of soil. It is pretty and garden like. A great artistic inspiration.
It is also creepy. The way gran has not cared for it and the way she has screwed people to pay for the mortgages is creepy. Unfortunately, voices in the night and things moved around by unseen beings is a whole other kind of weird the place boasts.
But hey, I learned early on that life is hard, unfair, and that ghosts cause less harm than humans.
My aunt bought it in 1970, and my Gran obtained it in 1973, putting my pregnant aunt, and her husband out to live in the stable. Oh, they made it a fine little one-bedroom cottage, don’t worry about them. My mom and another aunt lived in the attic of the “big house” while attending Rancho Alamitos High then Bolsa Grande High, where their stepfather taught.
Since then, my gran has used her family as pawns to pay for this house, which will be condos soon, instead of under the care of one of my aunts. These women have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the place. They have worked their a$ $ es off to keep the place.
On another note, this is my first attempt at editing together separate recordings. I spent all night on this project without noticing the time pass.
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