The PRISON Vegetable Garden

The PRISON Vegetable Garden

Years ago I heard rumors that the Isle of Man’s prison had their own vegetable gardens. The fact that they swept up many of the awards at a local horticultural show was proof. After years of curiosity, I finally see first hand how fresh fruit and vegetables are grown within the grounds of Jurby Prison. I also find out that the initiative is so successful that they’ve stopped buying in fresh veg at the prison this summer.

This is probably the most unique garden tour I’ve ever been on and there are a few things to take from it. First of all, there is a real opportunity for prisons, especially smaller facilities, to become self-sufficient in fresh vegetables. While the prisoners are getting fresh air and given responsibility, the prison saves money. On top of that, the Isle of Man prison is hiring on a permanent horticultural officer to oversee the gardens and the vocational certificate they hope to offer to inmates. Have a watch and let me know what you think and if you’ve ever heard of a similar program.

In this video:
✽ Speaking to the Isle of Man prison’s governor
✽ Garden tour of the prison’s vegetable gardens
✽ Speaking to two prisoners about their experience in the prison gardens
✽ A look to see how homegrown veg is being used in the prison’s kitchens and a chat with their head chef

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