Low Cost $20 Greenhouse Enables You to Grow Winter Vegetables in a Raised Bed Garden

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you an inexpensive greenhouse that will cover your 4 foot x 4 foot raised bed garden that will enable you to grow a vegetable garden in the winter.

In this episode, John unboxes the Greenland Gardener Greenhouse. You will discover why John is covering one of his raised beds and how he keeps some of his frost sensitive perennial vegetables alive in the winter.

This inexpensive greenhouse cover for a raised bed will allow you to extend you growing season into the winter and keep snow off your plants and provide a warmer climate that can allow you to grow your own food in the winter outdoors.

John will explain how easy it is to assemble this 4 ft x 4 ft greenhouse and review the overall quality of this greenhouse and share his opinions on growing a garden in the winter.

After watching this episode, you will be aware of a low-cost greenhouse that will allow you to extend your growing season so you can grow more food from your vegetable garden.

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