Recycle coconut shell into flower pots.

Did you know that in nature, that delicious coconut you take to refresh yourself, it takes 10 years to decompose?
Luckily it is already widely used in recycling. I use it to make the pot where I can plant vegetable or flowers.

The main uses of coconut shell are:

The agricultural substrate (coconut powder, widely accepted in Europe for use in greenhouses),
Fibers (used in the manufacture of shoe soles, seat backs and seats, Asphaltic mixtures, pots, plaques and sticks for plants and various handicrafts);
mulch for agriculture; alternative energy source (briquettes – small compacted logs from the residue with high calorific value – that would be considered “green coal” replacing fuel oil and wood in furnaces, fireplaces, etc.),
the liquid of the green coconut shell (LCCV), generated by pressing the coconut that has pharmacological potential, in the manufacture of adhesives, as fertiliser and in the generation of bio-gas.

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