Ground Cover Plants for Steep Slopes

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Ground Cover Plants for Steep Slopes. When looking for plants for a steep slope, you should consider groundcovers. Groundcovers are low-growing plants that spread quickly, form a dense cover and help prevent soil erosion. Many ground covers are available for slopes, including plants for full sun, part sun and all shade. Groundcover plants are…

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Creeping thyme – growing and care (Great ground cover)
Creeping thyme for sale

How to grow Creeping thyme
Alternative names: Thymus serpyllum, Breckland thyme
Information about how to grow and requirements for grow condition and care tips, best way to start to grow plant, propagation method seeds or other option and if it is necessary that the plant will be grafted or start from clone, checking difficulties or problems when growing, pests or diseases.
Season of planting, pruning and how to prune, height of the plant, sun exposure: sun or shade and if it’s fast growing plant or slow growing plant. Water requirement: how much irrigation need to give to the plant and If it possible to grow it in planter, flowerpot, containers or to grow and care at outdoor the plant indoor as houseplant? Can use as ground cover and it’s can be invasive, it is perennial evergreen or annual.
Morphological charters: leaves, flower and shape of the plant and edible uses and medicinal uses
Bloom time and flower color: red, purple, white, pink
Creeping thyme for sale – All what need to know before buy the plant
All those answer and much more can be found in this video.
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