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To people who are committed to making a difference.
Act to end darkness in Zambia now!

In Zambia, 60% of the population live without electricity, so they’ve got no choice but to use kerosene lamps that produce toxic gases, such as Carbon Monoxide.

Carbon monoxide can cause death or long-term effects like permanent brain damage, heart problems, major organ dysfunction, loss of memory, and personality changes – among other things. But you can make a difference by taking advantage of our special ‘buy three and donate a spare solar light’ offer – and help support a greener planet and give untold opportunity to a struggling African community.

We’ll send you a set of three rechargeable solar lights, that normally retail for over (delivered), for only . And a small family in Africa will get another one as a lifestyle changer because of your kindness – absolutely FREE.

Clean and safe lights are proven to enhance safety, education, comfort, and socialisation.

Contact us today, and we’ll set the wheels of change in motion. Change is not that hard – but it can make all the difference.

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