Garden tractors, Home built machines, and more!

Finally, an overview of the machines now safe at home. It’s pretty obvious why I’m calling this place the ‘Last Chance Ranch’ now. From garden tractors to air cooled engines, misc. parts to entire homemade machines…. this vid’s got allot. Sorry for the rough and shaky camera handling, as well as the chopped up editing. It is what it is! A HUGE thanks to my family for being the saving grace for these projects. My cousin hauled all of these ‘gems’ almost 900 miles to help me out… he’s one hell of a good guy. The trip was financed by scrapping 7 vehicles. Luckily prices were up and my junked rides got him enough cabbage to warrant an 1,800 mile trip plagued with torrential downpours, rust, broken straps, damaged lights, bad wiring and one bored Siberian husky.
Thanks again to my cousin, his fiancé, her wonderful daughter.. my fantastic wife and my ever-understanding father, and anyone who sat through this video.
Intro song includes material from “My Life As A Machine” ¬© DocWieler
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