Trellis Garden Decor DIY / Dollar Tree DIY / Patio Decor

These are 3 Garden Decor made with the Dollar Tree trellis. Use them as indoor or outdoor decor.
You can use with real plants.
Hope you enjoy! & Thank you all for watching!

Trellis Chair DIY:

Metal Trellis Screen DIY:

Trellis Chair Supplies:
5 Trellis (Dollar Tree)
1 pack Nylon Cable Ties (Dollar Tree)
Hanging Basket (Dollar Tree)
Spanish Moss (Dollar Tree)
Succulent Plants (Dollar Tree)
Floral Foam (Dollar Tree)
Nail Polish (Dollar Tree)
Coco Liner (Dollar Tree)
Frame (99Cents Only Store)
Burlap (Walmart)
Bolt Cutters or Garden Shears
White & Antique Wax Chalk Paint (Walmart)


Trellis Screen Supplies:
12-16 Trellis (Dollar Tree)
1-2 packs Nylon Cable Ties (Dollar Tree)
4 Grip Liner (Dollar Tree)
Lace Ribbon (Dollar Tree)
Fastener Strips (Velcro) (Dollar Tree)
Flowers (Dollar Tree)
White & Antique Wax Chalk Paint (Walmart)
Optional: Fix-All Adhesive (Dollar Tree)
or E6000

Wall Trellis Decor Supplies:
4 Trellis (Dollar Tree)
Nylon Cable Ties (Dollar Tree)
3 Coco Liner (Dollar Tree)
Silver Tray (Dollar Tree)
Angel Decor (Dollar Tree)
Wood Letters (Dollar Tree)
Wire (Dollar Tree)
Spackling or All purpose Caulk (Dollar Tree)
White & Antique Wax Chalk Paint (Walmart)
E6000 Glue
Bolt Cutters or Garden Shears
Paint Brush

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