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5 ways to get landscaping supplies on a budget

Are you working on a landscaping project and are looking for more materials but you’re on a tight budget? Then this video is for you!

Here’s 5 ways you can minimize your expenses while working on your projects:
1. Use buy and sell websites and local groups to find items for free or cheap.
2. Buy in bulk from a landscaping supplies store. Split with a friend if necessary.
3. Watch out for renovators – they might want to dispose of a lot of their materials quickly, which mostly means free stuff!
4. Look at garage sales – each one is different, and you’ll probably find a gem!
5. Spring cleaning drive – some local councils set an annual collection date. Like garage sales, these always vary every year and you might find some interesting stuff.

And of course, there’s also bonus tips from Kai of The 24K Life. Kai talks about other ways where you can gather building materials and save a lot in the process.

1. Look for scraps from construction – do this after the framing process as they won’t have use for them anymore. A good way to tell is if you see the windows, doors, and roof installed. Ask the crew at the end of the work day as they are packing up and ask for scraps.
2. Look for wooden pallets from industrial areas, and distribution centres. You’ll have better luck with smaller distributors, particularly local ones.
Some pallets are marked, which indicates how they are treated. Look for HT (heat-treated) or KD (kiln-dried). Avoid MB (Methyl-bromide fumigation).
3. Look for pallets from Home Depot, Bunnings, or any big box store. They might also have a bin with scrap lumber (marked with purple dot or similar). These are typically discounted between 70-90%.

For more minimalism tips, check out his channel The 24K Life at

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, you can buy landscaping supplies in bulk from SoilWorx. I highly recommend them, and I’m not just saying that because they sponsor me. I’ve been buying from them long before the sponsorship!

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