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Heirloom Tomatoes
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Image by Bill Gracey 23 Million Views
We have a neighbor who is a great vegetable gardner, and we have been the beneficiary of some of his fine work. Today he brought over some fresh picked veggies including these heirloom tomatoes. The only place I see tomatoes like this is from someone’s garden or at a farmer’s market, and it’s a shame, because they taste so much better than store bought. Maria and I are incompetent at growing tomatoes, and we are so appreciative of these. In return we give him oranges from our tree, which puts out some pretty good fruit, again, much better than store bought.

This was lit very simply with one YN560 in a 24 inch soft box, camera left and above, in front at about 7 o’clock. Fill light came from a hand mirror at camera right. I have a total of 7 strobes, but it’s very seldom that I use more than 3 at one time, because I just don’t think it’s necessary for the kind of stuff I shoot. Three of my strobes are Nikon flashes for when I need TTL, but for this kind of home studio stuff, I prefer manual flash, which has the added advantage of being far cheaper than the expensive Nikon or Canon TTL flashes. The strobe, in manual mode, was triggered by a Yongnuo RF-603N. I did use a polarizer on this image because I was trying to cut down on the highlights on the reflective skin.

Other plants, flowers, fruit or thingys that I’ve photographed using strobes can be seen in my Strobe Lit Plant set. In the description for that set, I list resources that I’ve used to learn how to light with off camera flash, and the equipment that I use.