How to Plant Tomatoes | Useful Knowledge

Plant tomatoes the correct way. This video will show you exactly how to plant tomatoes. We show you step by step exactly how to plant tomato plants into the garden and get them started toward a great summer harvest.

In the video on planting tomatoes, we include tips on planting depth, fertilizing, preventing blossom end, and drought prevention. Home grown tomatoes just taste better than anything bought in a store. Also, you know exactly how the tomato plants were planted and grown.

Thanks for watching our video on How to plant tomatoes into the garden. After you learn about planting tomatoes, we have a video on how to grow tomatoes so you will harvest to tastiest tomatoes.

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Man with the Knowledge: Jamie Hardy
Editor/Producer: John Andrews (the UberonN)
Creator: Mark Davies

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How to plant tomatoes into the garden. Planting tomatoes is easy.