The Difference Between Direct Watering Planters & Using Soda Bottles? Less Water

Here’s a link on how to make them:

About two and a half weeks ago we got a question about the way we use soda bottles to water some of our containers and the question is you state that the water drained out overnight, how is this a watering system? It’s not much different from standing there and pouring it into the planters yourself. The reason I took so long to reply to this question was I thought the video was the best way to do it and I had some computer problems.

You’re looking at one of our bottles in a container of sweet peppers and we’re going to fill it with water right now and then we’re going to swing over to this empty barrel and we’re going to pour in 2 liters of water. We’re going to pour the whole thing in and the water is all put into this container and it’s a pretty decent amount of water but the water is only penetrating the top two maybe 3 maybe even 4 inches in a few places. The water is not getting way down to the roots.

Now we’re going to swing back over to the other barrel here and you can see the water has only gone down a little bit. The big difference is the amount of water and where the water goes, in this container with the peppers that water is all going to go down anywhere from 6 to 10 inches deep every ounce of it it’s going to be down there where the roots need it and it will encourage deep root growth for better and healthier plants. On the other side you can grow decent plants but you’re going to use more than 2 liters of water to let it get a good soak and your roots won’t be as deep
unless you pour a lot more water. I hope that answered your question.

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