My Medicinal Garden: 7 Super Plants For A Delicious Common Cold Remedy – #13 Morag Gamble

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My Medicinal Garden: 7 Super Plants For A Delicious Common Cold Remedy – Film #13 with Morag Gamble, Our Permaculture Life

This 9 minute film shows how to simply make a super delicious cold remedy from easy-to-grow plants in the garden. I love that my medicine cabinet is in my kitchen garden surrounding my house and that I can just go outside and pluck fresh herbs and leaves with superb vitality to help sooth a cough and cold when I need it for me and my family.

There are so many great herbs to use in each climatic region. Here at this time of year, some great ones are:

1. lemon myrtle
2. peppermint
3. menthol mint
4. oregano
5. sacred basil
6. turmeric
7. ginger

Today, I also added organic cinnamon and some raw honey to the blend – mmmm ….delicious and very soothing. Just what I need right now.

I’ve written about the brew I made yesterday too: and listed a few additional plants – lemon, orange peel, lemon balm, thyme. Each brew I make is slightly different which keeps it interesting.

What is your favourite cold remedy from your garden?

[DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or natural therapist. This film and information is based on personal research, conversations with lots of knowledgeable people and years of experimenting – please make up your own mind about whether you think it is useful.]
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