Planting Up a Foot Planter || Weird Planters

Planting up my foot planter. Every year I try to do something different with this weird planter. Last year I planted a Pineapple in it, this year, just some annuals and tropicals. The Dracaena will be repurposed in the winter as a houseplant. This container garden has a Dracaena reflexa ( song of india ) an orange Crossandra, pink Catharanthus ( caterina ) and a purple wave petunia. All of these plants will do well in full to part sun and have mild drought tolerance though the petunia will want more water than the other plants, but it wont be getting it when temps get over 95F during the peak of summer unless it is moved to part shade to part sun. These are easy to grow plants that will do well in the home and garden.

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