Pepper Survives Freezing Weather.mp4

Can pepper plants withstand a light frost? How about a hard freeze? What if a pepper variety like Malawi Peppadew could withstand multiple days of hard freezes and low temperatures that bottomed out at 28F / -2C? Learn how to keep gardens alive later than ever, and start earlier than anyone in spring. Very few techniques can keep warm season outdoor plants alive in 20 to 30 F weather. No weeding, no feeding, no watering, no working…, just sitting and seeing the utter amazement of it all.

Grow method: Non-Circulating Hydroponics
Grow container: 27 Gallon Centrex Tote
Grow nutrients: 1 Teaspoon per Gallon of Dyna-Gro 7-9-5
Net Pot 3.75″ was inserted through 4″ drilled hole in lid to suspend bottom of net pot 0.5″ deep. Filled tote with 27 gallons of water, added nutrients and plant.

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Nutrients (Suggest 7-7-7 for most growing. Have grown 100% with bloom with good results too.)

Soil Heating Cable 21w (Heats Soil to 74F)

Frost Protection Bags (Tomato Plant Size with Draw Strings)

Low Cost Greenhouse (Simple Setup)

Self Watering Planter (Perfect for Cold Weather Watering)

Frost Blanket (Excellent for Smaller Plants)
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