My Flower Garden 5

I’m so excited about Spring finally getting here that I decided to share my flowers from last years growing season. This is for all the flower lovers out there to enjoy. It may also motivate a desire to get outdoors to enjoy Nature with a flower garden. It’s a grand experience to put your hands in the dirt, plant some flowers & seeds – then take care of them & watch them grow. I find it to be a very good stress reliever & a perfect escape from every day living. Happy Gardening to you all !! I know you’ll have fun & it’ll be good time memories too.
☼☼ SPRING FEVER – where is Spring?
This note added on April 9, 2018 – It might say Spring has arrived on the calendar, but in reality, it is not here yet! I’m going crazy waiting for it cause I’m really tired of the cold weather. At this time last year, I already had my three composters set up, had my three rain barrels set up catching all the wonderful rain water, had already mowed by back yard once & had been to Home Depot at least four times already to purchase more beautiful flowers.
This year, not that way at all. It’s still snowing and maybe there will be a few days where the temps are in the 40-50 degree range when it will rain instead of snow. But the cold chilly weather returns. I’ve been checking all my flower beds for any growth activity & many of the sweet perennials have popped their heads up out of the ground so far. They may be thinking WTF is going on here, it’s suppose to be spring weather. I’ll be patient & continue to wait for this coldness to leave, but, I’m very sick of it by now and am eagerly waiting for those warmer temps to arrive….!!
☼☼ SPRING FEVER – where is Spring?
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