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9 Simple Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

by Karen Roe Small bathrooms can be the bane of any homeowner. The limited space makes remodelling and designing somewhat of a nightmare as your creativity is greatly restricted. To top it off it is all too easy to make mistakes in small bathroom design which can end up making it feel very claustrophobic. However […]

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Space Saving Ideas For Small Bathrooms

by UGArdener A small bathroom remodeling might prove to be complicated, specifically if you wish to put up an impression of ample space. You have to ponder what you wish before planning for a bathroom remodeling. To fit all the accessories and avoid clutter, you need to plan cautiously if what you intended is an […]

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Ideas For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

by Karen Roe Small bathrooms pose some unique challenges when it comes to remodeling. Due to the restrictions of space there are limitations as to what you can do. Through the years, the concept of baths has changed. The room has gone from being strictly a necessity to becoming an amenity that people now use […]

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