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Planting Wildflower Seeds in Early Spring for Color, Pollinators and Weed Control // CaliKim Cam

I like to plant wildflower seeds in early spring to add color to my garden, attract pollinators and to help with weed control. It’s a quick, simple and inexpensive way to beautify your garden and make it a space that you truly enjoy! See below for links and discounts to the supplies I used in […]

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Transforming Angelica’s Cement Space into a Vegetable Garden // CaliKim on the Road #3

Come with us on a road trip as I visit Angelica’s garden. In this episode, we help her transform an unusable cement space into a vegetable garden. CaliKim Fall Garden Seed Collection: https://calikimgardenandhome.com/seeds/ Thanks to Smart Pots for partnering with us on this episode. Pick up Smart Pots fabric containers for 10% off with code […]

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Basil: How to Have an Endless Supply by Pruning and Propagating // CaliKim 2 Minute Tip

Basil: how to have an endless supply by pruning and propagating the plants in your garden. Follow this CaliKim 2 minute tip to grow lots of basil (free plants) in your garden so you always have it in your kitchen. Garden Supplies used in this video: (affiliate links – I make a small commission when […]

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