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Case garden tractor with 3 cylinder geo motor

This is my grandpas case garden tractor that we put a geo metro motor onto by extending the frame and alot of house and to much money

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Vertical Hollowshaft Motor

by dalioPhoto History Introduced in 1922, vertical hollow shaft motors were developed to meet the specific needs of the vertical turbine pump industry. It is believed that Sterling Pump Corporation was the first pump company to work with a motor company (U.S. Electric Motors) to develop a motor and discharge casting assembly which would carry […]

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Gerber Motor Sports – Garden Tractor Pulling

http://ventrac.com :: Tallmage, OH, NQS Pull 2012: When it comes to the thrill of a tractor pull this father and son team know what it is all about.  Together they participate in garden tractor and mini rod pulling events across Ohio.   Through the Ohio Mod Rod Pullers organization, Barry and Corey Gerber get hooked up […]

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