Knoxville Home and Garden Show 2015

This is from the Knoxville Home and Garden show today at the Knoxville Convention Center, today, February 15th, 2015.
Video is brought to you by Landscape Outfitters out of Knoxville Tennessee.
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Home And Garden Show – Episode 2
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Home And Garden Show – Episode 2
By Outdoor Living Systems

Outdoor Living Systems takes water features and outdoor living to the next level. Our unique systems only limitation is your creativity.

This video outlines the events of Cummings masonry and Landscaping HOME AND GARDEN SHOW which they used the LedgeFalls system for. They built a bar, bridge, and awesome waterfall with a pond. Cummings masonry has also been features on HGTV for their amazing backyard waterfalls and outdoor living makeovers.

Their HOME AND GARDEN SHOW was a great success and they stood out from the competition. They have been an authorized installer from the very beginning and have seen great success. Their company is located out in California.







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