LET’S TALK: Succulent Care & FAQ

0:23 What soil do you like to use?
1:48 What Fertilizer do you like?
2:20 How much light do you give your succulents?
3:35 Is it okay to mix cacti and succulents?
4:51 How many plants can you put in a container?
6:14 How much should I water my succulents? Drainage Vs No Drainage

How to Drill a Drain Hole in Metal – https://youtu.be/_hvTbLcCuQA
How to Drill a Drain Hole in Glass – https://youtu.be/UfAJ-M36kBY
How to Drill a Drain Hole in Ceramic – https://youtu.be/SFBIzAdMqoU
Antique Dough Bowl Turned Succulent Planter – https://youtu.be/BbU5cMZoECM

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Gardeniere Gina shows how fun and easy it is to create interesting indoor succulent containers using unusual objects.

Using old muffin tins, loaf pans and even parts of an old kitchen grinder as containers, Gina plants a wide variety of succulents including; Aloes, Jades, Echeveria (also called Hen and chicks), Aeonium, Kalanchoe (one in particular called Panda Plant), and an array of sedums, including burro’s tail and ‘Coppertone’.

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