Planting an Artificial Outdoor Fern | How to Plant Artificial Plants and Trees

Planting an Artificial Outdoor Fern | How to Plant Artificial Plants and Trees

How to plant an artificial outdoor fern. Transform your front yard with artificial plants and trees. Learn how planting an artificial outdoor fern can help make your front yard more beautiful while saving money on landscaping and water.

Step 1:
We started with an absolutely blank slate and started laying the artificial stems out where we wanted them to be placed. This is a great method of space planning when you are designing a complete flower bed. Each artificial plant has a sturdy central stem with serrated edges that can easily be inserted directly through the weed barrier and in the ground. Once there, they will stand strong, despite rain, wind, and any other elements they are exposed to. The UV protection will

Step 2:
The ferns were chosen because of the horizontal space that they occupy. I also wanted to add some height to things so after I inserted the fern in the ground, I added three taller sprays directly behind it. The result is a greater contrast of color and texture. I repeated this arrangement four times, staggering them in the flower bed so each of them could be displayed perfectly.

Step 3:
After all of your plants are in place, go ahead and mulch around them to complete the natural look.

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