Hydroponic Garden for profit at $918 per square foot, income, annually Part Two

If you saw the first video, this gives more ideas on how to take the hydroponic garden design indoors, like a shopping center, and sell all that you produce, without any transportation costs

Indoors, you might be able to double the height of each unit and quadruple the number of units in a given area for eight times the income

Is the real profit of this unit 0,000,000 per acre? Nobody knows, it has to be tested by people like YOU!

The Playlist is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GghlbtGjfk&list=PL57408542DE8918C3&feature=plpp_play_all
Johnny’s Selected Seeds Catalogue (See Page 2 the table of crops per acre)

National Fruit and Vegetable Retail Report
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20 sq foot urban garden – Urban Gardener video

Man has 20 sq ft urban garden on his terrace. Not only did he turn his 4×5 foot terrace into a garden, he hung things on the walls and whatnot to create a vertical spicy garden.

Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green spaces and meeting some of the most creative urban gardeners around the US, whether they’re just off a street or ontop of a skyscraper – we’ll find ’em. This series is produced by SPACES – a YouTube original Home + Design channel.

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