Musical tribute to “The Village” of Portmeirion in North Wales.
Composed and performed by Paul Johnson in 2016.
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History of the Pagoda at Kew Gardens

The Pagoda tapers, with successive floors from the first to the topmost being 1 ft less (30 cm) in diameter and height than the preceding one. The original building was very colourful; the roofs being covered with varnished iron plates, with a dragon on each corner. There were 80 dragons in all each carved from wood and gilded with real gold.

Find out more: http://www.kew.org/visit-kew-gardens/garden-attractions-A-Z/Pagoda.htm

See the view from the top: http://www.kew.org/visit-kew-gardens/pagoda-panorama/index.htm

Flavia coffee a potted history

Flavia was born in the UK out of necessity in 1982.  Mars Drinks, then known as Four Square Catering and Vending (Division of Mars) Ltd, having created the in-cup concept in 1974 with their brand “Klix” (at the same time, General Foods, now Kraft Foods created their in-cup brand “Maxpax”) realised they had to satisfy the increasing demand for fresh brew coffee and tea whilst retaining the simplicity of the Klix system.

In 1982 the first filter pack was developed bringing a new convenience to freshly filtered coffees. The first Flavia brewer was launched in 1984 and at that time the brand was known as “Dimension 3”.  This original machine had a plastic case and an internal guillotine for cutting off the ends of the filter packs.  Due to health and safety concerns this was replaced by the end off 1983 with steam assisted opening system.

The brand name changed from Dimension 3 to “Flavia” in 1989.  The machines evolved using the plastic casing until the launch of the S300 model in 1994 which had a metal casing.  The first “mini brewer was launched in 1989 and was replaced by the highly successful SB100 1n 1989.  Sadly this ceased production in 2009.

2002 saw the launch of the S350, the major advance being the high pressure steam jet enabling cappuccino and other frothy drinks to be offered.  2007 saw the launch of the latest model, the C400, compact with a stylish modern retro look with industry leading energy efficiency.  With the launch of this machine production was moved from Basingstoke to Shanghai, the filter pack production remains in Basingstoke.

Whereas Flavia was launched initially into the UK Only, it wasn’t long before it became very popular in Japan where it offered beverages with local appeal such as Japanese Green Tea.  This was followed by Europe and then in 1994 the USA.  The USA is now by far the biggest market and they have their own filter pack production unit producing drinks to suit American tastes.

With the backing of parent Mars inc. the Flavia brand will continue to develop and grow for a log time to come

Citrus Country Groves History And Overview

Citrus Country Groves History and Overview

Every Day a Holiday

Every day can be a holiday with Citrus Country Groves. Many people think of sending gift baskets and fruit baskets as gifts only on special occasions. Truly, you do not need a special occasion to tell someone special that you are thinking about them. The Citrus Country Groves has a variety of unique and thoughtful gifting options to help you do that any time you want.

Now they realize that gifts are still necessary on special occasions too. This is why they provide already thought out Christmas gift basket arrangement, baby gift baskets and many, many other holiday type gifting options to make things easy on you. You wouldn’t send Halloween wrapped candies to someone on Easter, now would you? Neither would the Citrus Country Groves Company. Each and every season and holiday has themed gifts ready to go right along with it.

Business Appreciation

The Citrus Country Groves Company mostly likes to show their appreciation to their customers for allowing them to stay in a business they love. One of the ways they show appreciation is to provide their citrus crop that is so tasty and delicious to anyone who would like to have it. The Citrus Country Groves Company also realizes that when you pick out these fine fruit baskets, you are picking out something for someone you think highly of. Therefore, they appreciate your selecting them to carry out this very important task for you.

Interaction with Customers

Citrus Country Groves runs a gift shop which offers a variety of items to try. One of the items they are well-known for is fresh squeezed juice. This has enticed customers back for years as it is a healthy, fresh and delicious alternative to the sugar-filled sodas that the office vending machines provide. Instead, someone can sample a day in the Citrus Country Groves with an ice cold glass of their freshly squeezed juices.

Customer questions, comments and suggestions are all appreciated at Citrus Country Groves. Not only that, but they are encouraged too. The website is fully functioning that allows easy contact, easy ordering and easy tracking for your gifts of choice. There is really a Citrus Country Groves feel to their baskets fit for anyone you’d like to give a gift to.

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