Indoor Pipe Herb Garden
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Indoor flowering marijuana plants at day 52. Avoiding Bud rot. Cooler temps. and flushing plants.

We’re looking at our indoor marijuana plants at day 52 of the cycle. I talk about how to avoid bud rot. The temperatures are lowered into the low 70’s to dense up the cannabis buds. 18 and over please.

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Music by Joakim Karud : ” Golden Horns ”

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Flower feeding day 52

Water…..un pH’d……nothing in it. I’m on well water, but if I weren’t I would use a R.O. ( Reverse osmosis ) filter.

Hi /lo temps. 67 / 77 degrees. humidity 48%

Strains this run are: 2 Blue Dream
2 Land’s End
2 Jack Herer

Plants are in #10 pots. Pure Coco-Coir. Under 1000 w Hortilux Bulbs, with Lumatek digital ballast’s. 11.5 hours on / 12.5 hours off. Lights are dialed up to super lumen 1100 w.

Camera :
Tri-pod swivel:
Cell phone camera : galaxy Note 5 (most of the Time-lapse footage)

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