How to Make High Quality Compost from Plants for Your Organic Garden

John from goes on a field trip to Farm Dirt Compost in Houston, Texas to share with you how they make high-quality compost from plants without any manure or animal products.

In this episode, John gives you a tour of this composting facility that creates compost teeming with microbial life. You will learn how they divert thousands of pounds of green waste that would normally go to the landfill and instead turn it into some of the best soil-building compost for gardeners, farmers, and landscapers.

First, John will take you on a tour of this facility showing you the two main raw inputs that are used to create this high-quality compost.

Next, you will discover how these two items are mixed and then aerated to create compost in as little as 5 weeks.

You will learn the three tips they use to speed up their composting process that you can use at home, so you can make compost more efficiently and save time.

Next, you will discover four ways to determine if a compost you are considering to buy is a good one or not.

Finally, you will learn about a special discount offer for you to purchase farm dirt whether you live in the Houston, Texas area or anywhere else in the United States.

After watching this episode, you will have a better idea on how wood chips and yard waste, as well as fruit and vegetable food scraps, can be turned into a rich compost that can enrich your garden and grow more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Organic Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Hi My Friends, delighted to share organic vegetable gardening for beginners practical tips with You. Grow organically leafy greens,cabbage, bitter gourd veggies. Happy gardening and harvesting.

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1. Leafy Greens

2. Using Lawn Clippings as Mulch

3. Ridge Gourd Growing

4. Grow Cabbage

5. Bitter Gourd

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Part 1: Easy Gardening for Beginners or Busy People

Tips on how to easily grow a garden with few/no tools, fertilizer, weeding, pesticides. For beginners or people who are short on time. Tips on how to easily and cheaply grow food.

No Till Organic Gardening (Important Factors) | No Till Planting Full Demonstration Time Lapse

My Friends, discover No Till Organic gardening from Dr Milton Ganyard. Important Tips, experience and expertise are shared with You. Chris Fastie shares the whole process of no till planting with time lapse.
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Dr Milton Ganyard shares experience

Planting Full Demonstration Time Lapse

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Your soil can be more fertile without tilling it. There are ways and means to use compost and mulch to improve the fertility of Your soil.

Using this method improves profit if done correctly. Refer to excerpt below.

“Studies have found that no-till farming can be more profitable[6][7] if performed correctly.[8]
Less tillage of the soil reduces labour,[9] fuel,[10] irrigation[11] and machinery costs.[7] No-till can increase yield because of higher water infiltration and storage capacity, and less erosion.[8] Another benefit of no-till is that because of the higher water content, instead of leaving a field hallow it can make economic sense to plant another crop instead.[12]”

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You can also consider Permaculture, check out introduce at this video here –

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Growing Tomatoes Organically in a Tropical Organic Garden – 1

This video explains how we grow tomatoes organically in a tropical organic garden. We explain the steps for the following techniques that we use to grow organic food in a gardening allotment or even a small backyard kitchen garden at home.


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– Intensive Gardening
– Companion Planting (tomatoes with basil, alliums, strong smelling herbs like Cuban Oregano. Eggplants were also used as companion plants for the tomatoes)
– No Till Gardening
– Mulching
– Natural Fertilizers (like compost, manure and rock dust) and
– Natural Pest Control (like garlic spray).

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This gardening project was based is in the tropics. The tomato seedlings were put into the ground in December and the tomatoes were 2 weeks away from being ripe in early February (the time that most of the photos of the organic tomato garden were taken).

Happy tropical organic gardening!

As newbie tropical organic gardeners, we’ve been inspired by many Youtubers that include Praxxus55712 (Ray), GrowingYourGreens (John), InNaturesClassroom and the KiwiGrower. Thanks Yters! Hope to inspire others to have tropical organic gardens … to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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Growing tomatoes in hot and humid climates.04/20/16

Happy 420 everyone … just got back to the farm from the Songkran holidays and what a great surprise .. the autopots performed flawlessly while we were away and all the tomatoes are setting fruit .. so myth busted .. just goes to show with the right equipment and the right Techniques.. and a little thinking outside the box .. anything is possible ,Growing tomatoes in hot and humid climates is now possible here at greenevolutions aquaponics..

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Aquaponics Thailand is where we call home now.. With over 7 years of large scale and commercial Aquaponics experience and consulting at greenevolutions aquaponics , I have evolved the commercial Aquaponics system to the next level.. Using cultured probiotic bacteria.. Both aerobic and anaerobic.. As well as natural plant extracts and fermentation to unlock the minerals and amino acids naturally, to supercharge the natural system, to the highest level of production available in Aquaponics today.. With a collection of bacteria and beneficial fungi, harvested from the ancient deep jungle forests of Southeast Asia. I also cultivate the powerful purple phototrophic bacteria, right there on the farm.. As well as the workhorse of the probiotic world.. Lactobacillus.. I will be making all this available for you in a DIY kit so you can then grow your own at home … like seed saving, once you start your colonies, you can grow them for years to come ..

With this combination of beneficial aerobic and anaerobic bacteria yeasts and fungus.. We inoculate all the zones in our system and let the Bacteria to do the work they evolved to do.
till next time friends

James Harrison
Commercial Aquaponics in Thailand

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