Simple and Beauty Front Garden Ideas and Planning

Having an empty front yard might be annoying when you cannot make use of it as front garden ideas. A front garden will give you another different touch to your house. It will make a classic nuance even more. Some planning and techniques are required in making a front garden. Follow these tips below to make a fabulous front garden ideas for your house.

Order Establishment

Organize your front garden by make the plants well-ordered. Divide and classify the plants according to its type. It will make your front garden look neat and well-organized. Customize the landscape with the plant is the first consideration you should make.

Think Bigger

To accommodate your desire of plants, a front garden is coming your way. Plant some of your favorite plants in your front garden will give another pleasure. Place some large trees, and grass will make your garden look greenish. It will be good for your eyes and can entertain your guest while visiting your house.

Make It Flows

Repeating the planting forms is used for plantings unity. Place the plants in front of the doors along with the entry pathways. You can also place them around the house corners or on the halfway between the house and the roadway.

Door Framing

Frame the door to make a crucial point of your front garden. To lead your guest’s eyes to your garden, building a pathway is the best solution. A pathway is designed to frame the door and can be used as the transformation flow between outdoor into indoor.

Year-Round Interest Planning

When designing the front garden of your house, just remember about the quietest months in November, December and other months. Your guests tend to visit your house during these months due to the holiday season. Ensure to design your garden as beautiful as you can to impress your guest. The front garden ideas, of course will make your guest give you another visit next year.

The Four Most Important Factors to Consider When Planning Your Koi Garden

You may have seen them in those martial arts movies, a favorite setting of a reunion between long-lost student and aged master. Or maybe you’ve seen them in avante garde office buildings and malls. I’m talking about those beautiful oriental gardens complete with a pond filled with Japanese Carp. Assuming you have the space, the time and budget for it, having your very own Koi garden can be one of the most rewarding investments you can put in your backyard.
Spending time watching the beautiful patterns of Koi as they eat, swim and play about can be one of the most relaxing activities you can do in your own home. Building and maintaining your own Koi pond is a serious matter though and it is not for the lazy and neither is it for the shallow-pocketed. True, there are cheaper alternatives like Koi pond kits which you can build yourself. These are a significantly less costly than if you were to hire professionals to construct your pond. Digging and constructing your own pond comes with more risks though, so if you have no prior experience working with cement and similar things, its best to just go ahead and hire professional help.
Whether you’re doing the work yourself or not, the first thing to look into is location, where do you want your pond to be? Construction of a Koi pond is more or less a permanent matter and changing your mind down the road can be very costly in terms of time and finances. The next thing to look into is the size of your pond. This actually depends on how much space you have and how many fish you plan to put in your pond. Ideally, the more space the Koi have to swim around in, the happier they will be. Having an oversized pond however can be self-defeating because you won’t be able to view your fish properly.
Next is the theme of your Koi garden. A Japanese setting is the most common because Koi were first bred in the land of the Rising Sun. There’s no rule or law however that states you should stick to the traditional design, so you’re free to let your imagination run wild, it is after all your property.
After you’ve decided on the location, size and theme of your Koi garden, it’s time to choose what kind of Koi you want in it. There are various sub-species of Koi with different colors and patterns. Metallic and reticulated? Black, white, red, green, yellow or multi-hued? The kind of Koi you put in your pond depends on your personal taste so in this aspect, you again have the freedom to use your imagination. No one Koi are exactly alike, so this is one of the most fun things about being a Koi hobbyist or breeder.

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Garden Shed Plans and Planning

Everyone who owns a house knows that property upkeep can be a chore. It takes a slew of tools and lot of time. Many things can be done to make this task easier. Organization tops my list. Performing your maintenance is hard enough, and keeping up with your tools should not add to this.

Storing your tools in a dry, organized environment will go a long way toward helping you save time. Many people do this in their garages, but this monopolizes the space and can make a mess. The best way to keep your outdoor tools organized is with a garden shed.

Once you have decided that you need a garden shed, the next step is to decide whether to buy or build one yourself. There are several choices available at the box stores and from independent dealers. These options often leave you wanting for more. While they may serve your purpose, they are often poorly constructed and look like a mass-produced afterthought. To save money and get exactly what you want, I recommend building your own using a good set of garden shed designs.

You might say that sounds too hard or think you don’t have enough building experience. With the proper planning and guidance, building a garden shed can be a very educational and enjoyable project. The internet is a wealth of information and it is almost impossible not to find answers to questions you might have.

If you get garden shed designs and a how-to guide before you start, you just can’t go wrong.

Start your project by considering the size space you will need to neatly store your tools. Don’t build the minimum. You will only regret it. A cramped, disorganized space will only be a frustration. One huge benefit of building your own garden shed is that you can pick the design and façade. A clever trick is to mimic the design of your house; this will make the shed look like it was meant to be there and not just an afterthought. Plan the placement for easy access and also for aesthetics. Since the point of a garden shed is to make your yard work easier, place it where you can get to your tools without going out of your way.

Taking on the project of building a garden shed will be much easier with plans and a materials list. Shop around and get bids from different suppliers. Often they will beat each others prices and you will save money. If you use a lumber yard you will likely build a relationship with your sales rep and have a good go to person if you run into any snags. Get your materials, follow the design, and have fun.

For more information on garden shed designs and construction please visit Build Your Own Shed

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Planning Flower Beds in Your Landscape

Extension horticulturist Richard Hentschel presents a simple idea for making the maintenance of your flower beds more manageable.
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How to design unique flower beds that will be the center of conversation in your backyard or arranged around your house perimeter in islands or joined rows. These beds, made from ordinary paver’s block available at any home improvement store, are designed as combinations of hypercircles, incomplete circular arcs of stone joined together with mulch waterfalls that join the outer landscape to the raised beds. Varying wall heights enable the beds to be sloped to both raise and highlight the flowers that will be planted within.

You can use the shown designs for free. If you want me to design soething unique for your residence, send some photos to and we can work out a contract. Generally, for several hundred dollars I can create the series of three beds you see in this video.

To review all of my artistic endeavors, simply Google or bing “Dave Martsolf”. Hundreds of links will start you on a journey of interesting visions I hope you will enjoy.

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Dave Martsolf
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5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning

For many of us, the prospect of a new growing season signals a fresh start and the opportunity to grow our best harvests ever. But success isn’t guaranteed.

Good planning is the key to success. Plan well and you’ll stand the best chance of reaping the bumper yields you deserve.

In this short video we share with you 5 golden rules of garden planning to help you to avoid some of the pitfalls and grow your most productive garden yet!

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