Landscape & Garden Design Principles

The are three main design principles when is comes to designing any 3 dimentional space. these Continuity, Unity and Rhythm. These are very ambiguous terms and are difficult to describe let alone explain to a student. Never the less understanding How these they principles work in harmony with each other and when used in conjunction with Bubble or Functional diagrams they do help guide the students to obtain viable and practical design solution.

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TRG 2016: Fertilizers in Seed Starting Mixes Can Feed Mold and Fungus: Examples & Principles

Seeds don’t need fertilizers to germinate and grow initially. They get fed from the seed coat. Early fertilizing with organic or chemical fertilizers can cause problems. They don’t feed the plants early on. Fertilizers can feed and lead to fungus, mold and insects. Here are examples of what organic and chemical fertilizer can grow if you use them too early or use the wrong product when seed starting. They grow fungus!

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