Wood Outdoor Planter Boxes

Outdoor planter boxes are also know as garden planters, outdoor flower pots, outdoor window boxes, or outdoor containers. Outdoor planter boxes can be found in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials such as wood, clay, ceramic, metal, resin, and terracotta.

There are a few advantages to using planter boxes or outdoor containers for some of your gardening such as color, unique styling, or lack of garden space. They are ideal to use on a deck, entry way, patio, balcony, or under windows. You can move them around when they need less or more sunshine. You can plant just about any type of plant, shrub, or tree in them. There are cases when the ground soil is not condusive for growing plants or vegetables but you can still grow them in planter boxes. Garden planters can be round, square or rectangular and are available in several different styles and colors.  

Some of the wood planter boxes are so beautiful it is hard to pass them up for a balcony or even a large patio. A planter constructed of cedar or teak will last a long time and add style to any backyard area. Redwood cedar is also used quite often as a contemporary planter and because of its durability and resistance to rotting.

You can paint or stain the wood planters to complement the exterior of your house and so they will blend in with any landscape colors. Plastic liners can be added to the inside of these planter boxes in order to prolong its life. The liners can be used for holding the potting soil but also to hold smaller potted containers. You can also feature trellises in the containers or add matching benches around the wood containers for decoration and seating.

To maintain wood outdoor garden boxes is to treat them with a stain, non-toxic paint, or some type of waterproofing agent; you can also line the interior of these garden boxes with black plastic that has been perforated with drainage holes. You can also use rust proof nails or screws to reinforce all the joints of the boxes.  

These outdoor flower boxes come in a variety of woods such as cypress, teak, redwood, and cedar. You should be able to find them to complement your outdoor furniture; trellises can also be found that match the wood flower boxes. Redwood, teak, and cedar are best if left unpainted because they are resistant to rot. Wood constructed planter boxes will insulate the plants roots from the heat of the hot sun. The planters that have plastic liners with drainage have a tendency to last longer.  

Outdoor planter boxes that are constructed of wood or any other type of material give you the opportunity to plant different greenery or vegetables to gardens that do not have a lot of garden space available. Your outdoor planter boxes can be used any time of the year for flowers and vegetables, inside or outside. During the winter months bring the planters inside and start a garden of herbs on your kitchen counter.

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